The COFIA Approach

We support the whole child, the whole school, and the whole community.

In Uganda, we recognize that academic achievement is not only about academic achievement. Children in Rubongi enter school with needs related to poverty; issues most schools in developing nations are not prepared to meet. Providing what’s needed for the WHOLE child to succeed is what COFIA brings to school.

In the United States, we recognize the importance of investing in students and empowering them to engage in the global community.

We foster connection. Connections become the catalyst for conversations. Conversations lead to awareness of global issues. Awareness alters perceptions of self possibility and sparks action. Action results in meaningful change.

Change that matters = good leadership.

In the end, a burgeoning young leader is what COFIA brings to the community.



COFIA Programs in the US

We connect students to the larger world, empowering young leaders to take action and contribute their voices to the global conversation.



COFIA Programs in Africa

We create a school environment where learning and teaching thrive, ensuring all children the opportunity to obtain a quality education.


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