COFIA works with students, teachers, schools, individuals and businesses to create programs that empower positive change and support education and leadership.


Grade school students connect to the world though the COFIA Pen Pal program.



Collection Drives provide academic supplies and resources for students living in extreme poverty.



Middle and High School COFIA Clubs empower young leaders and raise social awareness.



Birthday Parties for COFIA inspire celebration through generosity and support academic and wellness programs.



Be Inspired. Invite COFIA Founder to Speak at your school or business event.



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Connecting Students — Pen Pals

“Dear Akumu, My name is Veronica and I’m in the 3rd grade. I love to play soccer and draw. I have one brother and one sister, and a Mom and Dad.” Across the globe, another child replies. “Dear Veronica, I was excited to get your letter. I have six brothers and two sisters. What is soccer? I love football. I like my house and I helped my mom build it. Did you build yours?”

The COFIA Pen Pal program connects children locally with students in Uganda, creating opportunity to discover other cultures, share experiences and participate in the global community.

We know that corresponding with a child in another country sparks curiosity. Young students are fascinated by listening to what another child is telling them first hand. The world becomes real. A relationship is built. Empathy is born. A fire is lit, and before we know it, Veronica feels a call to action. Her world is no longer her zip code, her school. It has now grown to include another continent, another culture and a new friend thousands of miles away.


COFIA Collection Drives are not just about collecting used items, it’s about sharing experiences and that’s why we call it Project Gratitude.

Abundance creates an opportunity for us to seize. When we repurpose our excess clothing, school supplies, computers, books, shoes, office supplies and the list goes on, the connection to our physical abundance transforms into a meaningful experience. We embrace gratitude — the joy of giving. Our act of giving, in turn, results in others experiencing hope, possibilities, opportunity & freedom. At COFIA, we are changing our relationship with abundance, giving life to a new experience for those who have little or nothing.

Annie Wright School, Bellarmine Preparatory, Gig Harbor High School, Lowell Elementary, St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School, St. Patrick Catholic School, Stadium High School and Tacoma Concordia Lutheran — all participating schools in COFIA’s collection drive program to benefit impoverished students in rural Eastern Uganda. As a result of these successful drives, 40,000 lbs. of supplies ranging from books, paper, math games and crayons to clothing, blankets, computers and sports equipment, were shipped and delivered to a struggling primary school in Rubongi, Uganda.

Change Lives. Start a Project Gratitude Collection Drive at your school or business.


Empower Young Leaders. Change the World.

Well, we listened. Yes, to YOU, young people. You want to do something big, really BIG? Guess what? It’s called COFIA Club.There is COFIA, Circle of Friends in Action. And then, there’s COFIA Club, a Circle of Students in Action.At COFIA Club, we open the door to a world beyond the classroom. COFIA Club is about curiosity. It’s about connecting the dots between global issues, solutions and experiences. We challenge you to think and act creatively. It is the COFIA attitude that you have power in your own ideas to make meaningful change. And in the end, change that matters = good leadership.

A spotlight on COFIA Club Projects

At COFIA Club we talk about issues affecting students, just like you, living in a developing nation. Did you know that only 17% of girls in sub-Saharan Africa are enrolled in secondary (high) school? What does it mean to live in extreme poverty? These are just some of the questions COFIA Club puts on the table for conversation. As we like to say, meaningful change results from actions inspired by conversation.

Bellarmine Prep COFIA Club, Tacoma WA

  • Social Justice Film Screening
  • International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day Campaign
  • Bring Back Our Girls Global Awareness Campaign
  • Art & School Supply Drive
  • Shoe Drive
  • Ugandan School Hunger Awareness Campaign & Fundraiser
  • Local School Spirit Holiday Decorating and Fundraiser
  • Bake & Pizza Sales to benefit School Lunch Program in Uganda
  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation “Ideas for Change” Workshop
  • Visit to Washington State Governors Mansion, First Lady Meeting
  • COFIA Founder Lecture: Empowering & Inspiring Young Leaders

Gig Harbor COFIA Club, Gig Harbor, WA

  • Tie Blanket Project to benefit Ugandan students
  • Outreach to local homeless teensTutoring local students
  • COFIA Founder Lecture: Empowering & Inspiring Young Leaders

Stadium High, Tacoma, WA

  • Project Gratitude – Collection Drive
  • COFIA Founder Lecture: Empowering & Inspiring Young Leaders

Gonzaga Prep, Spokane WA

  • Girl Rising Screening & COFIA Founder Visit & Lecture

Student Leaders in the News

See Blog Post

  • Will Ammann | Bellarmine Preparatory | Grad at Grad Scholarship winner
  • Nick Rose | Bellarmine Preparatory | Awards and elected ASB President

Sign on to be a leader in the movement. Start a COFIA Club at your school.


Change the world one candle at a time.

Meet Torie. For her 9th birthday, Torie asked her friends to celebrate her special day by making a donation to COFIA. Torie raised enough money to fund more than 800 hot school lunches for children in Eastern Uganda. Guess what? Not only did Torie fund enough lunches to feed an entire school, she also started a movement. Torie’s act of kindness inspired other kids to do the same. Today, thousands of hot lunches have been served to students in Uganda thanks to birthday parties just like Torie’s. And if one kid can rally her friends to feed an entire school, imagine what all of us could do.


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Invite COFIA founder as a Speaker

Carolyn’s experience fighting to survive in extreme poverty are extraordinary, but it’s her brilliant and poignant storytelling that truly inspires. Carolyn captivates her audience as she delivers a powerful message about resilience, believing in yourself, overcoming adversity, and finding the courage to face life’s challenges. She guides her audience to be present, to dream big, and search for a deeper and more meaningful purpose in life. Carolyn leaves them with a lasting sense that anyone can rise and achieve against all odds.Whether you are a school, service group, small business, corporation, or a private club, Carolyn will tailor her message to fit the needs and interest of your audience.