Support a student in need become the best they can possibly be.

A sponsored child in Uganda is 42 percent more likely to finish secondary school than an unsponsored child, and 83 percent more likely to complete college.


less than 85¢ a day

You will provide a student with resources such as school lunch, a uniform, essential school supplies, and basic healthcare.


less than $ 1.60 a day

You will provide a student with resources such as school lunch, a uniform, essential school supplies, basic healthcare, and improve school infrastructure with sustainable technologies


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How does Sponsorship Work?


Pledge to sponsor a student for on an ongoing commitment of $25 a month. Just Fill out the form above to get started.


You receive a picture of your student, and he/she will send you a hand-written letter from Uganda.


Watch your student thrive. Send letters or packages. Feel the power of connection.




When I sponsor a student, will my gift go directly to my sponsored student?

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COFIA’s Sponsor a Student program provides you an opportunity to have a one-on-one relationship with a sponsored child. Monthly sponsorship funds are not given to students or their families directly, rather all sponsored gifts are pooled together to provide what’s needed for all children to learn at St. Jude Primary School in Rubongi, Uganda.


Children come to school with needs related to extreme poverty, and these lack of resources create barriers to effective learning. Through these pooled funds, we are able to provide school meals, clean water, healthy child checkups, and academic supplies and resources.

Am I able to send gifts directly to my sponsored student?

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Of course! You can send a gift or heart felt note of support and encouragement to COFIA’s “Team Uganda”, and our volunteers will deliver your greetings. After you signup to sponsor a student, those details will be included in your sponsorship packet.

How long does my sponsorship continue?

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The length of your sponsorship is up to you! Our students begin school in first grade, and with successful sponsorship, graduate in the 7th grade. The grade of your student, will determine their graduation date. It’s also important to remember that life in a poor rural community like Rubongi Village is complicated by unforeseen circumstances that may result in a students early departure from school before graduation. If your student does leave school before graduation, we will match you with another student, unless you choose to opt out at this point. There are many deserving children who want nothing more than to receive an education through your support.
  Sponsored children are 30-75%  
  more likely to become community leaders  
  as adults than their non-sponsored peers