Football Birthday Party to Benefit St. Jude Students

May 8, 2015  St. Pat fourth grader Tate loves football, so when it was time to plan his birthday celebration, he decided to have a football themed party. But this party wasn’t about football for he and his buddies, it was about collecting football gear for children 3,000 miles away in an economically struggling village in Eastern Uganda. Thanks to Tate and his buddies who donated football gear, the children at St. Jude Primary School in Rubongi will be receiving their first ever American footballs!

There are no organized sports for the kids at St. Jude’s at this time, and we can only imagine how fascinated the children will be to try out the American sport of football. Team sports help build leadership and self confidence.

Thank you for sharing your special day with the students in Uganda, Tate! We think you and your friends are COFIA ALL STARS! #Touchdown