COFIA recognized by local community and South Sound Magazine

May 29, 2015 In front of local community and business leaders at the Lemay American Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington, the COFIA Board of Directors accepted the award from South Sound Magazine as the 2015 ‘Best Nonprofit’.

Honored by this esteemed recognition, COFIA Founder Carolyn Othieno addressed the awards audience, “Many years ago as a little girl I had a simple dream, a dream that someday I would wear a graduation gown. I never thought that that dream would lead me to standing here before all of you tonight. I never knew that that dream would lead me to 10 incredible women, with whom I started COFIA. We are mothers, friends, professionals, volunteers, leaders, activists and dreamers. We are unstoppable, and unwavering in our belief that every child has immense potential within them. We serve children across two continents. In the United States we foster connection between local students and the larger world. We believe connections are catalyst for conversations. Conversations lead to awareness of global issues. Awareness alters perceptions of self possibility and sparks action. Action results in meaningful change. In the end, burgeoning young leaders is what COFIA brings to our local community. In Africa, in Rubongi Village, Uganda, we give children the tools to learn. We believe that every child matters, and every child counts, regardless of where they’re born, where they live, or who they call mom and dad. We believe that when you give children the tools to learn, you give them power. The power of choice over chance, and the freedom to succeed. I’ll close with the words of Rita Pierson, who said, ‘Every child deserves a champion; an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be.'”

During the reception, COFIA shared photographs and stories about life in Uganda with the event community leaders.

This award would not have been possible had it not been for the many devoted and supportive Circle of Friends in Action (COFIA) community, who continues to allow COFIA to inspire children to LEARN, DREAM & BELIEVE.

Photo: COFIA Board Members (Top Row, Left): Amanda O’Halloran, President Carolyn Othieno, Rosa Allen, Julie Ammann. (Bottom Row, left): Vice President Gloria Othieno, Kyna Raney, Angela Connelly, Kathy Seley. Board Members not photographed: Rachael Bouma, Linda Titus.