Annie Wright School Collects School Supplies for Rubongi Students

June 2, 2015  Annie Wright Schools kicked off their end of school year collection drive today, and this year, COFIA will be the recipient of the donations.

Annie Wright School collected new and used shoes, backpacks, school supplies, books, teaching materials and retired uniforms for donation to COFIA.  These supplies will be included in a 40,000-pound shipment of donated goods gathered by local children at various schools in the Tacoma area, scheduled to be shipped to St. Jude Primary School in Rubongi, Uganda. Families in Rubongi often struggle to meet the most basic needs, food and shelter, for their children.  The cost of books, schools supplies, and the purchasing of a school uniform are out of reach for the average Rubongi family.  To help bridge this gap, COFIA collection drives provide unmet needs of students at St. Jude Primary School.

Story update:  In August of 2015, COFIA’s shipping container filled with school supplies and resources arrived in the Village Rubongi.  As you can see in the photo, students were very excited to receive new uniforms from Tacoma’s Annie Wright School.